What can Naturopath help with

If you want to take control of your health and are looking for long-term health improvements with a more natural approach, then a naturopath is well suited for your health needs.

A naturopath can help in many ways, but there are certain times when seeing a naturopath can be quite beneficial.

Optimising health & wellness

If you are generally ok but are not satisfied with merely not being sick and want to achieve wellness, to feel your best, a Naturopath can suggest certain dietary and lifestyle changes and prescribe herbs and nutrients that can support your body and help you feel your best.

Certain nutritional deficiencies can over time contribute to impaired function and lead to, for example, fatigue, mood imbalances etc. Naturopaths are trained to look for signs & symptoms and investigate these potential nutritional deficiencies early on before they become a full-blown health problem.

Excess weight, for example, can be an esthetic issue for some but also a potential health problem as well. Naturopaths can support optimal body composition by addressing the drivers of weight gain. Naturopaths can also support preconception helping to optimise the body for conception and pregnancy.


If there is a family predisposition to certain health issues, for example, diabetes, autoimmune disease, or cardiovascular disease and you are looking for guidance on prevention, a naturopath can support you with specific dietary and lifestyle changes. A naturopath would also use different investigative techniques like iridology, looking for subtle changes on your nails, tongue, or skin as well as look for subtle changes in your blood test results to determine your predispositions, possible nutritional imbalances and first signs of suboptimal function so that these can be addressed early on.  Naturopath also has various natural remedies that can help address these issues before they manifest into a disease.

Chronic health issues

Naturopathy is well suited to support chronic health issues that are just not resolving despite all the previous treatments. These chronic conditions are often related to diet, lifestyle and environmental influences so a holistic naturopathic approach can be quite helpful. Persistent digestive complaints  (i.e. chronic constipation, persistent bloating or reflux), chronic fatigue, over or underactive immune system function (allergies, hay fever, autoimmune conditions, reoccurring infections) and some degenerative conditions (ie. arthritis), for example, can generally benefit from natural therapies. Your naturopath may have a different approach to these conditions, has different tools and can work well in harmony with conventional medicine.

Supportive role in managing illness

Naturopathy can also have a supportive role alongside conventional medical treatments to improve specific health conditions (ie diabetes, hypertension, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis etc), their outcomes and your quality of life. Naturopathy is a complementary medicine and as such Naturopaths are open to working alongside your health care team to help support and improve your health and wellness.

Some of the health concerns that Naturopath can help with

  • Digestive problems (e.g. reflux, indigestion, constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, IBS)
  • Nutritional deficiencies (e.g. iron deficiency, B12 deficiency, vitamin D deficiency)
  • Metabolic dysfunctions (e.g. weight issues, insulin resistance, fatigue)
  • Immune dysregulation (e.g. frequent cold & flu, allergies, autoimmunity)
  • Skin issues (e.g. acne, eczema, psoriasis)
  • Nervous system issues – (e.g. stress, nervous tension, anxiety, insomnia)
  • Inflammatory conditions (e.g. gout, arthritis)
  • Hormonal problems (e.g. PMS, heavy & painful menses, menopausal symptoms)
  • Liver & detoxification issues (e.g. sluggish detoxification, fatty liver)
  • General wellbeing – (e.g. fatigue, cognition, stamina)

If you need support in any of these areas and would like to try a natural approach to your health & wellbeing, contact us for more information or to book your initial naturopathic consultation. 

April 6, 2022

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